whoever "iowa mama" is needs to get the hell out before they blow my fuckin cover

whoever iowa mama was, fuck u. u ruined it, blew my fuckin cover. im banned now. fuc off

@citrustwee "I drove twenty miles into town and checked under the post box. There was nothing there. Am I being, what the kids call, trolled?"

@citrustwee god please post about taking away your child's car seat headrest album bc they talked about porn in one song

@tom they freaking caught me because like 5 other dumbasses decided to make obviously fake accounts on the same freaking day

@citrustwee i had to be sure to suspend coso so i could boost this for the photo frick lmao

@citrustwee what the fuck is CoSo, like are they a Nazi instance or smth?

@void @citrustwee no it's mostly centrist democrats and nevertrump republicans

@void @toilet to be fair i saw someone talking about killing nazis and i didnt see anyone disagreeing

@doe I Love My Husband With The Best Teeth In The Game

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