i still don't know if evan actually likes annihilation or if it's just a hilariously bad one

@evan ooo... sounds fun. i watched the trailer and it seemed really cliche... gonna watch it again

@evan i watched it again. still looks cliche but also epic

@citrustwee I always liked the book it's based on so the trailer blew me away. the movie actually goes in a whole different direction though!

@evan epic!! im gonna watch it after i walk my dog. have you heard that new kevin abstract btw? not sure if i remember correctly but i think you said you liked brockhampton

@citrustwee wrong... i love brockhampton. i haven't had the time to sit down and listen to it though i've had finals all week

@evan ah right!! once you get the time you should check it out. it's not like american boyfriend at all but it's pretty neat

@evan @citrustwee it was so creepy I nearly cried lmao. love a Fear Cry

@citrustwee @evan

it's a movie that is not about its own surface-level plot, but rather 100% about one narrow topic. kinda like how Gravity was never a movie about space, it's just one big kinetic allegory for grief.

and it's the best exploration on that topic we've had in film for the last decade or so. ... bretty guud. :DDD!!!

@citrustwee i love it, but i'm one of the rare few who likes ex machina more, even if it's just a lil' bit

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