St. Valentine is a myth. Invented by the catholics to cover up the history of the Valentine Coven that ruled with an iron fist in northern Ireland for nearly a century. All record of them has been expunged from the history books by men fearful of their return.

They were notorious for using Love Magic to rule over the men in the area; who would tear each other and outsiders apart at the slightest whims of the circle at the center of the power. Valentine herself founded the coven some time in the early fourth century AD/

Roman rule had crumbled over the British isles and in the far north had never existed. The tribes were unprepared for this magic.

While what we do know is pieced together from the archeological record and the oral history of the descendants of those under their rule, it is still robust compared to the absolute dearth of information which made it into history texts.

They used a simple council model and equally distributed the pastoral and hunting labor that existed in the rough land. All disputes were settled by the council, any violence was met with absolute justice. It is said that they could make a man tear his own tongue out with a single glance. Though again, these are oral histories.

We do know the rebellion against their rule was started by a small band that escaped.

The Heretics as they were later dubbed, managed to slip far enough away on a hunting trip to break the magic, and then gradually peeled off members over time, it took nearly ten years to mount enough of a small force to act, and when they did the results were deeply ugly.

Their attempt to bring down the Coven was brutally violent, some of their own turning on them in the midst of the fighting, and each Witch felled with a silver blade supposedly burst into clouds of bats which then attempted to devour the men around them.

It was a fierce melee that claimed the lives of nearly the entire clan along with Valentine herself, who killed dozens herself.

Those that has willingly accepted Coven rule fled south and eventually crossed to Scotland before settling, and have preserved the legend. The Heretics are largely those that stayed behind. Obviously the specifics of how their magic worked have now been lost, and almost all information about Valentine herself has faded, but every year - that undulating pull of love is celebrated in her honor.

Cloaked in the hideous trappings of heteronormative capitalism perhaps, but still there - a pulsating heart of Magick peering out from the mists of the past. Becokining those who would prefer to live deliciously.




this is so amazing 🖤 i want to know more about this!

@baronnarcveldt I'll flesh it out more tonight. Staying off fediverse except for replies while working. :)


that's fair enough. there's so much noise on the internet, I'm having a hard time finding information about this specifically

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