[to the tune of Let it Go]
Make it gay
Make it gay
Don't make Elsa hetero
Make it gay
Make it gay
Stop reinforcing the status quo

I don't care what the bigots do
Let Elsa kiss a girl
And give Olaf a boyfriend too



Olaf's actor being gay in beauty and the beast was rolled out very poorly. this is a chance for disney to roll out a gay character well. god, I hope so

@baronnarcveldt yeah And it was done in the same sort of "queer coded but we can not make it technically canon so we can play both sides" way that the sauna clerk in frozen was done


was that guy coded as gay?? i thought it was just a poor taste representation of the swedish language sounding sing-songy to americans

@baronnarcveldt when they show his family in the sauna for like 1 second its another adult man and some kids so the implication is there

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