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My rapper name is Portmanfleau and everything that comes out of my mouth is incomprehensible garbage

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“You’re all such nice kids” I say to a room full of people my age or older

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Every time I open this app I have to go to urban dictionary so I know what to heck you kids are saying

i had some authentic Australian cuisine at The Outback tonight. "Mamma Mia mate!", as they say

I’m playing dnd with a seinfeld soundboard and an elephant soundboard and I’m sure sure it’s not annoying at all

old country music is good cause its just a cowboy singing you a cool campfire story they know

more like game of bones (because all the characters have a skeletal system probably)

When my cat opens his mouth to meow but does it so soft that nothing comes out that is the Good Stuff

Pronouncing assassin “ass-ass-in” every chance I get

my new dnd characters personality trait? they are that bitch

I am not afraid of witches. They would never renege on our pact.

today @zombiesasametaphor is joining our dnd party and I’m so freaking excited :googlemuscleL: :d20: :googlemuscleR:

spring is a horny time, both for the planets, and the animals, and the trees, and also bugs.

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