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My rapper name is Portmanfleau and everything that comes out of my mouth is incomprehensible garbage

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“You’re all such nice kids” I say to a room full of people my age or older

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Every time I open this app I have to go to urban dictionary so I know what to heck you kids are saying

If you look closely you can almost make out the smug satisfaction on Siegfried's face

showing girls at the bar how many boosts my post telling a random dude to "siddon my dick and balls" got and telling them i get all my drinks for free because of all my "social capital"

For Valentine’s Day I wrote my girlfriend haikus about poop (haipoos)

They’re exactly as bad as you’d think

The best Mastodon meme was when we told each other how much we loved and cared for one another

*i'm the helldude voice* i'm the helltwink

i will never accept that that one death grips lyric is not "hey hell twink" and furthermore i will never accept that this "hell twink" could be anyone but me

It's onestly kind of fucked up that some of the "big accounts" here are "nice people" that do "good posts"

Roses are red
That picture is blurry
Having a konsona
Will not make you a furry

Maybe the real treasure was the memes we made along the way

Matthew Simmo May Be Strong, But In A Battle Of Wits I Would Be The Victor.

Roses are red
Violets are not
Boost my selfies cause
I'm super fucking hot

Im going to really change my tone now that i know for certain @matt could absolutely beat the shit out of me

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