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おは南無~!!! 03月08日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

おは南無~!!! 03月07日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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おは南無~!!! 03月06日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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sel on the web? haha r u some kind of spider?? haha ha!

おは南無~!!! 03月05日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

おは南無~!!! 03月04日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 


おは南無~!!! 03月03日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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おは南無~!!! 03月02日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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Hey, it's or if you have time to type. I don't have much for reasons for this list, but if you aren't following these fine folks, I don't what to tell ya! You probably should! They are great! Here's a list!


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I'm on to you, T'Challa! You can try and change the spelling so your operatives in the world can try and hide, but I'll be coming to the Land of Lincoln for that Vibranium now!

おは南無~!!! 03月01日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

おは南無~!!! 02月28日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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おは南無~!!! 02月27日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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last night i saw an anhinga!

apparently some people call these birds "snake birds" or, even more incredibly, "water turkeys." water turkeys!!!

they're biggish, slender waterbirds with s-shaped necks and stabby dagger bills.

males are black with silvery stripes along their backs, while females are varying shades of lighter brown with dark, near-black bellies and dark brown wingtips.

these guys love to swim! i'll talk about their swimming and hunting in a second.


おは南無~!!! 02月26日 06:30 (JST)だよ!!! 

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