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aaaa! the new aerial magic is out! I think this one focuses on the cool broom repair witch, not her apprentice.

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you guys should start talking about the “negging” people or w/e the fuck theyre called

like “HAHA well that’s dumb because I disagree! Ha! Gotcha! You expected a compliment huh?! Well guess what buddy, you thought wrong. I gave you the opposite expectation. *wipes Cheeto dust off shirt* I’m normal and sane and these weird tactics do not represent my weird obsession with getting your attention”

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*pulls out a can opener*
thanks for the soda!

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You know, “aye chihuahua!” is an exclamation that has lost a lot of market share, but I believe it’s poised for a comeback. Sharks, I am asking $100,000 for a 5% stake...

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Wrong season for this but who cares! Let’s go beat up Dracula!

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you have been visited by larry david chillin' on his bed with his dirty ass socks.
for the next 22 minutes you have the blessing of JAYA!

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