mastodon, or as i like to call it "knzk-compatible social networking"

Uninstalling Twitter to make room for the bonzi buddy app

Time to watch some Forensic Files to creep myself out before bed

Love Snapchat quality - selfie -ec -dr.evil Show more

I should get Taco Bell before this snow storm in case I die and lose power. Notice dat order.

The part in Desperado where guns pop out of his sleeve except it’s me and they’re not guns they’re iced coffees.

stealing from Walmart is pretty high on my list of favorite hobbies

Why do cartoon sandwiches look more appealing than IRL sandwiches

eating dates gets stuff stuck in my teeth

I entered a sweepstake to win a new MacBook because my current phone is more powerful than my laptop lol

eye contact, nipple contact if nipples were able to stare at you wait now i want eyeball piercings Show more

Let’s just say I love that Mastodon uploads in high quality.

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