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I need you all to stop being so interesting and cool it's not doing wonders for my self esteem

do they make air compressors but for like, indoor/electronics use? tired of buying cans of compressed air to clean my shit out

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:thaenkin: concept episode where my "classical liberal" reactionary alter-ego Jackdaw of Arugula debates you on the relevance and necessity of leftism?

eating an entire bottle of kids gummy vitamins to become The Ultimate Child

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18 hour Matt Christman ASMR (bonus Felix sinus clearing)

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did u kno: i made and maintain the random Homestar Runner screenshot bot @grapenuts_robot and am very very proud of it

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1 guy: totally insufficient for the amount of work required to make a burger
2 guys: fine until something inevitably happens and they draw a tape line down the middle of the kitchen because they are no longer talking to each other
3 guys: one guy will inevitably be "the third wheel"
4 guys: the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian culture
5 guys: perfect
6 guys: will be too tempted to quit making burgers and go play 3v3 hoops

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straight edge, except for the drugs that I like

I wonder what having a personality is like, sounds hard

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We need to confront the reality that between now and 2020, Joe Biden is 100% certain to post a youtube diss track. Better to accept this now so we can start to cope.

fuck having a singular birthday this go around, i'm having a birthday week. birthday month. birthday yea-fuck this is just eve's bit. damn, I gotta do better

haveing a great time browsing Online from my Windows PC

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