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just finished up the theranos documentary and it's hilarious how elizabeth holmes managed to fool some of the most powerful people on the planet with her bullshit blood testing box that literally never worked

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voted most likely to do the stanky leg in an office meeting

fuck, heartbroken to find out that scott walker (the musician) has passed away, an incredible musician with a unique career path that spanned decades from singer-songwriter and baroque pop to harsh, challenging avant-garde all the way up to his death. a huge influence of me personally and music as an artform

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i think the last time I "gamed" was when I got really good at SSX3 on playstation 2

yall shut the fuck up I can't afford sekiro right now

hadn't thought about Artifact in a minute, I wonder how that's doi-

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Got Pizza Hut delivered, normally wouldn’t be one to complain if something was just a little off, but today we got:

- Delivered to the wrong house unit (neighbours had to bring it over for us)
- Wrong pizza actually (sides were all correct)
- Free battery included?
- “AIDS”
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youtube has autoplayed into Roundabout at least three times in the past few days and I haven't turned it off a single time

woke up with God Only Knows stuck in my head and I'm pretty sure that's a bad omen

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@yardgnome to find my way into the hallowed halls of the Store, to have my work displayed amongst Slime Rancher and The Greatest Game... to be paid for my work... that is the dream.

exciting news, just signed an one year exclusivity deal to put my toots on the Epic Games Store

I guess it's official that evangelion is getting redubbed for netflix, i've posted about this before so I won't get super into it but it's a bummer, it's probably the "right" call but still it seems disrespectful to the legacy and the history of the series

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If I ever get really into modular synthesis and actually get some physical ones, I'm gonna do this with my setup and make every musician cry

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