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bro you just posted smart! you are going to gain subscriber!

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honestly? i wouldn't mind being an american idiot

as of this posting I am still undefeated as an MMA fighter (I have never been in an MMA fight)

infinite runner games are just capitalism selling that game you'd play in your head on car rides as a kid where you'd imagine someone running beside the car and dodging all the obstacles

I drink a 12 pack of sun drop a day and my piss comes out the exact same color it goes in, that's how you know you're healthy, not retaining nothing

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this year at e3 nintendo is going to rerelease the n64. no I don't mean a n64 classic, the original thing. clayfighters 63 2/3 is a launch title

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suddenly overcome with the desire to replay el shaddai: ascension of the metatron

lmao those hack writers actually did this holy shit

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[one of the characters in the last episode of game of thrones voice I dunno any of them I don't watch the show] wow this really was A Song Of Ice And Fire

remember when they put bioshock on iphone? why'd they do that

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Greta von Fleet doesn't suck because they ripped off led zeppelin, they suck because they sound exactly like led zeppelin and led zeppelin fucking sucks

inside you there are two trucks, they are having sex

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i'm drinkinbg silver so i can look like the blue guy from watch men, brother — HH

signing up to do a radio show and only playing Metal Machine Music, who's brave enough to let this happen

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