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granblue gives me quick scratches to my traditional jrpg itch that I really appreciate bc I don't always have the time/motivation to start a big ol' game like that

I do have DQ11 that I still need to play though...

probably gonna fall back to using this more often because birdsite gives me a migraine

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real fucked up how a single "he" in front of people can screw up my entire mood

apex always crashes when I have a good loadout what the fuuuuuck

haha oh no I got that ugly feeling that I barely matter to people again

gf loves me tho so im ok

im piss-poor at traveling anywhere because i so desperately enjoy just being home and playing games, im boring as shit

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Please don’t argue about something so trivial. Otherwise, the computer will laugh at you.

I love my girlfriend I'm gay as hell

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