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Toot every day 😲🗯
Think every second ☺️💭

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for knzk massive

I’m Alex (he/him), 29yo (30 next month😱 ) living in Dundee, Scotland. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I’m precariously self employed as an interdisciplinary artist, and sometimes do websites, and sometimes program for a film festival. :verified:

I’m mostly housebound with ME/CFS and have the dreaded depression. :blobonfire:

2008年に京都に交換留学したので日本語はちょっっっと 🙇

cw: terfs, help out a good scottish org being harassed by them Show more

wow this blew up, follow my SoundCloud (a pearlescent cloud of vapour coalesces before us, glowing with internal flashes and emanating all kinds of royalty-free sound effects muffled by fog (woof! boing! wood being sawed!).
with the weightful grace of a gigantic ship casting out of port, it starts to move, and we follow after it, to who-knows-where

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The sun, or as I like to call it, hot moon

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meds Show more

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@tobinalex I have a slider between hyuup and AARGH depending on how long a day it's been at that point

dialect quiz
what do you say when you get up?
[] oop
[] ope
[] dokkoisho
[] hyuuup
[] hwoop
[] i'm like 20 i don't do this
[] ah

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illness shitpost +++ Show more

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Good morning, we scanned a couple volumes of an encyclopedia of heraldry and I am in love with them

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I accidentally clicked "buy" on this top so I'm dressed as Satan now

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this is an actual picture of new nintendo north america president Doug Bowser with a tied up mario and luigi in his office. this is real

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