whenever people start talking about lists I get confused. I have never seen a list in my life and by god I swear I never shall

extremely brave of the writers for this new season of Castlevania to show Dracula doing the Monster Mash. everything's cool

wait why did everybody move back to dot social? do they have rarer pokemon?

the other day I pulled a back muscle by just sitting on my couch and drinking coffee and I'm not even a boomer

hello comrades I am back from my epic quest to defeat anime once and for all. I failed miserably and I return to you in shame

1. Hang out with your wang out
2. Rock out with your cock out
3. Krunk out with your junk out
4. Sing out with your thing out
5. Smoke out with your bloke out
6. Chill out with your dill out

Thus concludes The Grandmaster's Sixfold Path To Having a Good Weekend

dreaming of a new visual vapor genre combining moody synth sounds with king of the hill clips to create "Hankwave"

a fighting game where you choose your favorite Shakespearean character and suffer the slings and arrows of each other's outrageous fortune until the victor wins by killing themselves

In mathematics (0, 0) describes a point in two dimensions.

On mastodon, it looks like a cute lil face (0 , 0)

America is buckwild because 90% of the people who live here don't even realize they're living in the heart of a military empire

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I had to take a picture of this license plate because I knew nobody would believe me

Trivia Time! Q: What do Simon Belmont and Mayor Mike Haggar have in common? Show more

as an alternative to Ernestposting, I posted "Dabylon 5" a little while ago, I suggest everyone go boost that

I had no idea Ernest started with commercials. My first MOE (Memory of Ernest) was a kids show on Saturday morning. I’m looking up the movies now and the fact that Ernest Goes To Camp was in 1987 is blowing my mind.

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