companies: sure is weird how millennials dont care for stable employment


companies: yep, they just hate having long term jobs. sigh. nothing to be done i guess

tbh tho i wouldnt give a shit about being full time vs contracted if health care and retirement funds werent tied to full time and my employers werent using contract employment to pass on tax costs to me but here we are in amerrriicaaaaaaa

@thatcosmonaut what is the entire point of shitting on millenials anyway? I remember boomers shitting on my generation, but either it was nowhere near this bad, or we were in a much better position economically/socially/politically so we shrugged it off and weren't as offended by it.

@bamfic its mostly a way to blame us for our own immiseration and thereby ignore the systemic causes

@bamfic like we're poor because we eat avocado toast and dont want a full time job, not because corporate america doesnt give a single fuck about labor laws any more or that its impossible to afford a house

@thatcosmonaut paying 2k a month for family health insurance through my agency is cool as hell and i love this damn country

@xomputer we cant change our health care system because everyone loves their health insurance company too much, nobody would go for it

@thatcosmonaut the only thing better than our health care system? that's right, our high speed internet infrastructure

@thatcosmonaut I had a similar conversation with a guy from The Netherlands about the diffenrence between unions in America and unions in Europe. In America, since we don't have the social nets they have, unions fight to keep jobs, even if they're dangerous and stupid because without work, you die.

@thatcosmonaut my boss talked to me about how millenials weren't investing enough lol

@Ttle i could turn my zero surplus dollars into big money on the stock market if i had a business man god brain

@thatcosmonaut "We'll just have to figure out how to run things with fewer people, and pay them less. It's the only way."

@thatcosmonaut And then my generation throws Millennial under the bus to appease boomers whenever they can. Ugh. So sick of that. :/

pol, zero hours 

Company; what if we outsource your old job and give you a worse one?

Company: hmmm I think 25k a year is reasonable in LA

Company: why are you mad all the time? You have an attitude problem

@thatcosmonaut Reminds me of a hospital my wife worked at. (actually several)
Hospital: There's a horrible nursing shortage, we can't find anyone to fill the jobs!
Every department IN the hospital: We have open positions, and you aren't advertising ANY of them.
Hospital (to Nurse applying for job): Sorry, we don't have any positions available.
Hospital (to public): There's a horrible nursing shortage, we can't find anyone to fill the jobs!
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