the virgin airplane:
- have to show up hours early
- crammed in seats like sardines
- energy inefficient
- flies through the air in a terrifying defiance of the will of God

the chad train:
- roll up to the station 15 minutes before departure like a boss
- can move around freely and stretch your legs any time you want
- low stress
- easy to enjoy the scenery as you travel
- moves along the ground as the LORD intended

Hell yes. Did 12 hours of bullet train travel yesterday and it owned. "Hello houses! Hello farms! Hello mrs. Hillside!" - me

@thatcosmonaut if transatlantic trains were an option I'd take it

@thatcosmonaut My husband wants to go on a train thing instead of a cruise (lol fuck cruises). I need to make that happen. :-/

virgin plane: too pure to risk the contamination of sin by traveling on the ground
chad train: drags its belly across the earth in a sensual embrace of the world of flesh and blood

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