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Today I am officially releasing Stately, a C# system for creating state machines to structure your game code.

I developed this project because I was frustrated with the lack of structure I saw behind the scenes in a lot of game code. It's flexible, facilitates readable code, and is simple enough that even novice programmers should be able to use it.

It's open-source, unit tested and licensed under GNU LGPLv3. Check it out!

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i spent way too long making this ridiculous vaporwave internet radio station and visualizer while i was unemployed a few years ago:

please tune in and enjoy~~

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Me and the boys are going to the criscotheque *hard cut to me and the boys trying to dance, but we keep slipping and falling on an unreasonably slick dance floor*

anyone who's set up pleroma on debian want to help me out here? having a heck of a time getting SSL up and running

alrighty i have a new instance just about ready to go but i need to wait half an hour because i fucked up nginx config and certbot is mad at me for trying to authorize too many times

thought about putting pleroma instance on my portfolio site domain but i think i require some work-shitposting separation

the news channel on my wii is the only way to get the stories that matter to me most

the power of florida is so strong that it transformed justin bieber, a sweet canadian boy, into when he set foot in the state

cold pizza and coffee: the programmer's breakfast ™

knzk has been good to me but the shifting sands of the fediverse are fickle and i can't get blowback instance drama if the instance is just me

chewing on setting up a one person instance for myself

#FloridaWhiteBoys mercilessly stomp out anyone who refuses a Newport cigarette

fantasizing about kenshiro punching senators until their brains explode. no real reason

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