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Today I am officially releasing Stately, a C# system for creating state machines to structure your game code.

I developed this project because I was frustrated with the lack of structure I saw behind the scenes in a lot of game code. It's flexible, facilitates readable code, and is simple enough that even novice programmers should be able to use it.

It's open-source, unit tested and licensed under GNU LGPLv3. Check it out!

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i spent way too long making this ridiculous vaporwave internet radio station and visualizer while i was unemployed a few years ago:

please tune in and enjoy~~

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Still learning how to do this. Any _constructive_ feedback welcomed.

not in my fingers, just in my soul. need that key c r o n c h

i have a non mechanical keyboard at this new job and it hurts me.

with this election, the school board is now controlled 4-3 in favor of teachers union supported candidates

spending 1000 dollars per vote to lose an election, now thats what i call efficiency, good job charter schools!

i guess the pizza people deserve to go home at a normal hour instead of stay up all night to give food to my drunk ass

yo the pizza place is closed...... its not even 1 am that s fucked up

imagine if instead of dumping billions into self-driving cars we invested a little in our public transportation

haha i checked schoool board election results and the charter schools shill is getting owned, get rekt lmao

ok some lightning hit rally close so i am for sure not going outside

"I transubstantiated myself into a pickle, Mark! I'm Pickle Chriiiiist!"

maybe walking to the Indian food whilst i am drink and it is ligbtnining is bad idea

I have improved my dodging. That was not satisfying.

— Cog ïngizìtdùn, Speardwarf

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