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the united states of america retire bitch

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In retrospect it's hilarious how american conservatives spent so long calling good reasonable policies "un-American" that it made young people realize "wait, maybe America is bad"

here's a fun little ~Work Hack~ from me to you: you can add "full transparency," before literally anything you would normally say and get anywhere from 10 to 25 bonus points

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Imagining a lich who resurrects her body and has a few spare dead ones and whenever things get too dangerous she's like "I'm outsies" and just collapses dead on the spot, abandoning her body like a lizard does its tail.

for some reason someone like, sassing in defiance then just grinning and dying on the spot as a method of defense is hilarious to me.

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hey Guys! Did you know I have a #Patreon?

I’d like to get over $100/month by the end of this month - that helps cover things like character art, domain names, server space, and my time writing!

Please Boost~

ways to become an immortal undead spirit:
1. dark ritual
2. practice
3. banking employment

since aardman is worker owned now can we make Feathers McGraw (the penguin from wallace and gromit) an anarchist icon? free to Toot please✌
It is good to talk about politics and gender talk to everyone.However, it is not good to lead to crime.
I am happy to think about scenes using NSFW & CW.
I believe that there are many gentle people :blobcheer:

if i was the galactic empire i would simply build a giant planet-destroying weapon without any exploitable weaknesses

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