Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
Googling sex toys
On company time

as a european and a swede I wil.l confirm that hon hon hon is french for bork bork bork

(I am lying)

Thinkin' about magical metaphysical mechanics :blobcoffee:

Accidentally marry an elf by helping her plant something that fell over.

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I *think* it's easier now since when I first started to learn how to make soap in df there were bugs that removed the nuts I needed since I dont know how to run meat stuff yet.

sometimes I remember that 'soap' is above 'water cistern, underground aqueducts and self-powering water-wheels' in tech level difficulty in df.

The ingredients are minced plump helmet spawn, minced plump helmet spawn, finely minced plump helmet spawn, and well-winced plump helmet spawn

oh my god that bug stole my money I'm going to stab her ;_;

@johnrandom Hi, this is what's called a "truck system" (company stores and in-house currency in lieu of money or other fungible goods as wages) and it's actually illegal in most jurisdictions around the world.

okay first day (night?) at amazon and i shit you not i was given monopoly money with jeff bezos' face on it as a reward for staying a bit late

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