I throw one apple core in my bin 20 minutes ago and there's already a fly and it landed on my hand when I was holding something. cocky bastard.

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Can't wait for Uber and Google to implement autonomous vehicles so we can cede even more control of our daily lives to giant corporations

Look at my fursona, this absolute child, this pure dumb cat, idiot who listens to aphex twin lol
i love them

Once the zombies are up,
who cares where they chow down?
That's not my department, says Lich Von Braun.

[ME, PRAYING TO GOD]: *seething through gritted teeth* "...I showed u my prayers plz respond..."

What if it's everyone else in the Star Wars who changes size?

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why would you ever use [consumer oriented service] when [service that requires vastly more technical knowledge to use] exists

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