im turning off notifications on this since mastodon doesnt collapse notifications no offense to anyone @ing me.

@tan @brightneedle I love that the page even explicitly says they set it to exclude from Google indexing because Google interprets its contents as factual

sadly Google is also well known for usually simply ignoring the noindex directive

@xaphania @brightneedle @tan this is where stone age people turn to their evolutionary ancestors and say "sorry, we have to go back. we fucked up."

Google's info box is wrong far too often to be useful. I'd go as far as saying it's actively harmful, because people will not check where the information came from.

It's like Google heard someone pointing out that it can be dangerous to trust Wikipedia without checking sources and went Hold my beer

Q/ How many ears does Davy Crockett have?

A/ Three.
Left ear, right ear and Wild Frontier.

@fitheach @tan So an ear on each side and one on the front.

@randynose @tan the paragraph which the algorithm cites as answering it with six legs actually argues that horses have infinite legs. This is proof that the algorithm yields infinite error.

@tan is it weird that the thing most skull-exploding about this, for us, is "six is an odd number"


"This article is excluded from search engine indexing because Google is interpreting the page content as factual. See talk page for more details." Oof

@tan What's really impressive is it seems to have picked up *one particular* wrong example in a page of deliberately wrong examples that's halfway down, rather than the lead-in one which says "five" (and some syntatically straightforward statements for "four" and "nine").

It tried hard to be precisely this wrong.

@tan this article is completely wrong, 6 is an even number of legs for a horse, or anything for that matter.

@tan "AI is smart and will take over the world" they said

@tan Lol, it's still live as a Google answer, in spite of the apparent NOINDEX.

@tan @art And it's so wrong! Horses have 12 legs, as everybody knows: 2 left, 2 right, 2 front, 2 back and 4 below. Tsk. Always those fake news…

@tan @art And men have 3 feet: the left foot, the right foot – and the wrong foot to get up with. Good morning!

@tan looks like a #dadjoke vulnerability

Why are the Big Internet people surprised nobody trusts them?

@tan Well, actually, six is an even number… never mind.

I guess, the other two legs are simply not used for walking, therefore it usually looks like a horse only has four.

@tan the article google gets its info from is hilarious. and google didn't read to the end of the proof it cites. a horse actually has infinite legs.

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