Local people: what, that? Yeah we've known that was there since always. It's right over there. Have fun.
Some rich white dude:
Some rich white dude: ᶦ ᵈᶦˢᶜᵒᵛᵉʳᵉᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ

[image description] 

also, Wikipedia offers some names: 

@packbat Thanks for both the captions and wiki excerpt!

And here I was thinking ms and mr smith discovered the sight in 2015 on their holidays

@tan "Discovered" by western people, while the local population knew about it for a while.

@tan well to be fair it is a little out of the way :P
@tan o lol or is it that he got credit for finding somethn already found i guess

@phildobangnz yeah! There's a wiki excerpt by someone in the replies of the toot and like, there was someone living there and farming on the terrace things already lmao

Some day writers will realize that discover =\= "made aware of"


According to the mainstream economical explanation:

Added value. These were only ruins of no value until Mr. Bingham "introduced them" to the western market. Now they are attractions.

Example: A Western PR intern earns more than a worker at the luxury automobile plant in the East. It is said because the intern adds more value to the product with fetching coffee than the worker with welding. 👨‍🏭💸👩‍💼

Is the added value hypothesis incorrect? I don't think so. Merely overly simplistic.

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