unfortunately a large amount of images with text about one of the ships that went to help the Titanic (and afaik the only one that saved any)

In the past few months, trouble in Knzk.me has occurred continuously, but I pray for this to be the last one😭

I found a cool glowing lady in Hollow Knight and she gave me something and both her and Hornet have told me they want me to do a thing the hard way and I'll do my best, bug friends. ;_;

"You don't need personality when you're a heiress"

Calling knicknacks 'dust collectors' is good. thanks The Nanny.

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me: I wonder what monstrous beauty artists have rendered with ogres since even that kind of fae is probably pretty in a horrifying way *google image searches, it's mostly pictures of the ogre lady from shrek* this is not what I was looking for at all :blobthinkingfast:

grance but it's swedish dansband turned into nightcore or something.

brain just combined "grace" and "dance" as "grance"

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