just read "poster" the same way I'd read (batman) "joker" and it was awful

if Mario were in Harry Potter's place there'd be way fewer books because the first time he saw Voldemort he'd just jump on his head like a common goomba

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If you don't apologize to your phone after you drop it, wyd

remembering to take deep breaths instead of just shallowly breathing from tired-distraction-weirdness.

It is extremely liberating to not pretend that you know things you don't. It also opens you up to a lot more chances to learn shit. It rules

client, about a UI: can you make it sexier
me: i wont let you fuck the website. i will fight you over this

Did you know: both norse runestones and greek marble statues used to be painted-on.

also, moth, im sorry you were trapped here since yesterday. I hope you will be alright.

People give them shit for liking light but they're genuinely the easiest bugs I've ever had the mispleasure to work with to the point I now adore them more than I am anxious by them.

1) they're pretty.
2) they're incredibly easy to either get to climb onto something so I can help them, or they find their way outside again on their own if I turn off lights and open window, even at night.

well fuck... The car insurance bill overdrafted our account, the internet bill goes thru in a couple of days, and so of course the car broke down last night and had to be taken to the mechanics
I have no idea what we're going to do but we're definitely fucked here and I'm stressed out to the point I was throwing up all night..

We need help and I know everyone's probably tired as fuck of seeing these from me but I honestly don't know what else to do anymore but ask for boosts on these


I'm past disgusted that this is what my life is now - panhandling on the internet - but thank god the Fediverse is such an amazing place because without you guys we would have been homeless long ago
Thank you all for all your help!



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