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Boost this for awareness please!

KNZK users!
Do not send mass dms, please! The fediverse has a built-in function which doesn't act like spam.

1. Log into KNZK and open you settings
2. Go to "Data Export" under "Import and Export"
3. Download and save the CSV file for "You Follow"
4. Log into your new instance
5. Set a username and icon that are slightly different so people can differentiate your new account
6. Go to "Import" on the new account
7. Select "Following List" and import the CSV file

Be careful with your timing! It's been hard coded into mastodon to only restrict you to a export once every 7 days. If you export less than a week away from your instance shutting down, and you post something you want to keep, you'll be right out of luck with getting another export in time!

you can request an archive of all the posts you've made on your mastodon instance, including images and videos, by going to your preferences and choosing "import and export", then "data export"

Thanks for a good community and good virtual neighbours, ❤️

KNZK was good for us. Mastodon is a good community, we have made it a good community, and we're allowed to feel connected to it because its ours

You made so many good friends, and shared so many meaningful laughs. It is not immature to feel sadness at change. It is not something you have to get over. It is natural and healthy to feel sadness and even to enjoy moments of sadness. Be proud that you felt enough to feel sad. It speaks to our genuine emotional connections here

I have open registrations over here in case someone wants to move here.

thanks so much to KNZK. this has been an incredible place to hangout

Notification from the administrator: 

When it comes to content warnings, they're more of a liberation than a censorship. They allow you to say things into a crowd that would be difficult to say normally without a pre-warning

Getting a QR code tattoo that says “idiot human” and telling everyone it means “love” in computer

kissing my phone to ensure that all the cultures of bacteria who live on the screen get a smooch

I don't know why techbros are so into dental hygiene all of a sudden, but good for them for finally discovering #FLoss

the secret technique to poke-evolve a human being back into a pokemon

Looking forward to not progressing the plot in Bloodlines 2 and instead playing it like a vampire life sim 👀

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