It's really weird looking at the old stereo system my family had back in the 80's, with the speaker hookups that were just bare wires we had to jam into holes, and also they didn't even have always on microphones with permanent connections back to entirely unaccountable multinational corporations who don't pay their fucking taxes. Primitive AF.

A ritual wth your friend where you bury your old embarrassing self

" 'The Telvanni are okay with it" is generally a good indicator that something is illegal.' lmao

And that's why my alma mater's creative writing department made a rule that you're not allowed to write about other students in your stories

Liches? Introvert.
Vampires? Extroverts.
It's that simple, folks!!!!

In the game Rune you die but Odin saves you and then you fight your way throug Hel back to the mortal world.

Also you refill your HP by eating, among other things, lizard head.
Just grab lizards off the wall, bite their heads off and throw away the rest.

this is a good site bc everyone on here is having such a fun time saying absolutely buttfuck stupid things and being friends with each other and also promoting radical anarchism

i’m a slug and god has a full salt shaker with my name on it

I read that in one game, Kirby eats all the food in heaven so he gets sent to hell.

He then escapes hell.

Kirby is a wholesome badass, is what I'm saying

Kirby has his own version of the Hero's Journey, unique to him, in which the same events repeat but he learns nothing

1. Kirby has a picnic, or perhaps is napping

2. an unknowable and ancient eldritch evil makes Kirby drop his sandwich, or disturbs his sleep

3. Kirby single-mindedly destroys the evil, oftentimes making cute friends along the way

4. victorious, Kirby returns to his leisure

Calling night trains "sleeper trains" instead makes it sound like they're undercover planes that just spontaneously go "BAM! Surprise train!" and I think that's beautiful

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