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lmao i think he means well but Blind Man by Xavier Omar is the funniest song to me. low key he’s one of the best up and coming r&b acts tho

surprised if there isn’t an “Insane Clown Podcast” yet

when Xavier Omar sang “i could love you with my eyes closed” i really felt that

heard some dumb centrist dude on a podcast today go “look, i’m not an economist” and then like 2 sentences later he goes “let me explain something about the economy” lmao

a couple months ago i would be walking home at 4am. now i get off work at 10pm but i forget that it’s not 4am while i’m walking and sometimes get caught singing T Swift or something loudly lol

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Day 11: A song that you never get tired of

Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Thru The Phone

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*hits blunt* dude... trains r just like... the fediverse of goin places... woah

things are happening all across the fediverse

Crystal Castles is just dream pop Death Grips

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mods are asleep, shhhh don’t wake them up

six seven eight, triple nine eight two one two

aw i miss T Swift when she was in her country pop bag. Red is a classic album i’ll drop gloves over it

i’m not even kidding about this. my stepmom listens to country and a lot of it is super blatant. i think they get away with it because of guitar twangs and shit, the actual instrumentals are just generic country writing and vocal melody is shaky ground

country just steals melodies from every other genre and very popular songs and mish mashes them together and they get away with it cus nobody is checking for country music

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