i’m absolutely drained of all energy :(

imagine being responsible with money lmao

i feel weird posting pictures with my family but i have them :)

@mari still not totally sure but i assume it’s similar to like, not feeling like yourself? idk. can’t be fun.

@mari i didn’t really either until i experienced depersonalization, now i kinda get it i think. still not sure though.

my sister is my favorite person i wish she didn’t have to go home tomorrow i hope she moves closer some day.

i love my baby niece so much i don’t want my sister to go home lol

im at the combination pizza butt and taco hell

if you get high enough you can hide your own eggs

i’m having a really good time at my parents house for easter. got my sister and baby niece here.

my stepbrother who’s a computer tech guy who builds computers and stuff is at my parents for easter and we’re just watching and talking sports it’s fun

@Constellations yeah but it’s all circumstantial. my sister is here visiting with my 5 month old niece who i met for the first time. my sister used to live here but she moved away and i don’t see her a lot now.

@Constellations i feel almost rude? feeling this way but i worked 40 hours in 4 days last week and i just want to lay in bed and read lmao

i don’t really want to do family stuff all day again i worked so much all week last week and my whole weekend has been occupied :(

one time i said Beyoncé wasn’t that good on twitter and they fucking killed me. i was wrong.

Beyoncé covered my favorite Maze and Frankie Beverly song and life is good, i’m optimistic that we’re in the good timeline again

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