do you know what’s really fucked up? you ever search a question online about your pet and in the article they assume the gender of your animal? i see it so often! how bold do you have to be?

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finally getting around to playing Bayonetta again. i only have a couple weeks to 100% this game, it’s my parents ps3 lol

my dads joints are like 3 of mine in 1 xD

i could smoke more than them easily but i don’t like spending that kind of money on weed i make it stretch

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i can post this online and they can’t get mad cus it’s legal here now, my parents (the ones i live near) smoke more weed than i do

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Day 19: A song that makes you think about life

Kurt Vile - That’s Life, tho (almost hate to say)

@Roxxie_Riot i’m only on episode 3 right now but maybe they will. i think it’s a lot more serious maybe? i’m not familiar with that. the second episode was about dirty money in real estate and casinos in vancouver.

ive been listening to Canadaland for years, i think i’m gonna start donating to the patreon soon they do really good work.

i listen to a Canadian news and journalism/ media criticism podcast network called Canadaland and they’re doing a true crime series on corruption in Canada as of lately. it’s really good, the first time i’ve enjoyed true crime. (the fact it isn’t about murder helps)

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intermittent fasting stuff Show more

ok i got all the facts. the full version of the Krusty The Clown podcast with Marc Maron is just a Simpsons episode but there’s a clip on his podcast. he does have Yeardley Smith the voice actor for Lisa, out of character, on his actual podcast though.

i love how much Marc Maron loves cats lol

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts i spent all morning looking for more woman led metal and i found this band? Once Human. it’s really good. i think she’s a multi instrumentalist too i’m gonna read up more on her after work! but her first album is really good metal.

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