Day 19: A song that makes you think about life

Kurt Vile - That’s Life, tho (almost hate to say)

Day 18: A song from the year you were born

My Bloody Valentine - Blown A Wish (1991)

Day 17: A song that features your favorite artist

Dreezy ft. T-Pain - Close To You
i have too many favorite artists lmao, this is a chill song i love it a lot.

haircut - selfie - eye contact Show more

Day 16: One of your favorite songs from a movie

The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 - from the Jackie Brown soundtrack

i could have picked just about any song from this soundtrack it’s ridiculously good

look at this absolute angel. she loves laying on my lap or as close to me as possible but she doesn’t like a lot of other ppl they scare her. she had lots of bad experience with humans before i liberated her from my family

kinda hard to see but there’s 2 like 8 foot fluorescent light bulbs leaning here and it took everything in me not to drop kick them.

Day 15: A song that is a cover by another artist

H.E.R. - Jungle (original by Drake)

been trying to take more selfies, eye contact Show more

Day 14: A song you would love played at your wedding (happy valentine’s i timed this perfectly)

Sade - Kiss Of Life

eye contact selfie, re: letting my hair get out of control Show more

bonus song today:
honeyhoney - Old School Friends

Day 13: One of your favorite 70s songs

Elton John - Daniel

oof the vocal melody in this gives me chills

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