i feel like my whole life as a millennial has just been watching dinosaurs get less and less cool

some people seem really upset i might get cancelled for this one oops

@softmetals imo aint nothing cooler than huge deadly birbies,

@softmetals I dunno about cool, but giant cassowaries are something I’m very pleased aren’t something I have to worry about

@Breakfast honestly when i saw this scale in this picture it made t. rex look smaller than i always thought i’m much less “afraid” of them. way more confident i could climb onto its back and ride it and it wouldn’t be able to get me off cus tiny arms

@softmetals You can prolly ride a tiger if you’re quick about it, but gods help you if you fall off, ya boi is just larger, and in my experience as a birdkeeper, somehow likely even more tempermental

@softmetals i'm a fan of this reconstruction and it makes pre-avian dinosaurs infinitely cooler tbh

@softmetals as a fan of birds lemme tell ya i'm still hype over the idea of these GIANT BIRDS

@softmetals also; let us be fair: geese are terrifying

our closest sound refs today would be ostriches/ emus/ cassowaries which are actually all pretty bassy and freaky sounding respectively

It sounds funny until you've been chased out of a field by very, very angry geese

@kirbizard @softmetals yeah exactly this. I've done... farm chores around eating geese, ducks, and chickens. Ducks are ishy, geese are terrifying, chickens are ACTUAL MONSTERS. I would be most afraid of a bunch of 2" chicken-relative dinosaurs. I once watched a bunch of tiny heritage chickens tear up a duck. It's like a horror movie out there.

@softmetals there are some discoveries we should ignore and just pretend never happened

@softmetals im sorry but im still in favor of yusuke murata's Giant Sparrow t rex concept

@softmetals I dunno, dinosaurs kinda look like Terror Birds to me nao and believe me Terror Birds are the hype.

You ever met a bird? All birds are terror birds and I love them

@badical @softmetals Heck yeah they are. I remember being continually divebombed by a territorial crow in the parking lot of a Barnes & Noble last summer. I made a mad dash to my car and it was quadrupedal flight that was chock full of terror.

@badical @StQuelleSurprise we had one on our block all summer when i was like 14 wow i kinda like crows but i fear them

@softmetals @badical Generally crows don't act like aholes but when a nest with hatchlings are involved, all bets are off, hell hath no fury.

@badical @StQuelleSurprise i remember kids hiding under cars and shit. i got pecked on the head once it was a bad summer lmao. i fear them so much still when i run i hate seeing them

No bird has ever done me wrong besides waking or keeping me up. I had a bird who was a jerk to my other bird though.

@softmetals @badical ouch. im really sorry that happened to you. being pecked at by a bird is a rather painful experience for sure.

@badical @StQuelleSurprise it might have been a claw idk it was like half my life ago too lol it’s ok. definitely weary of them but i know they’re smart and i think they’re cool

Uh oh. Crows never forget a face either. You are probably canceled in the crow community.

@softmetals There are a few fossilized prints of T. rex skin, which proves that it was not all covered in feathers. You can get at leas that :-)


scientists: dinosaurs had feathers

jk rowling: -frowning- snape was Good, Actually

scientists: -bristling- velociraptors were very smol

jk rowling: -gets on a podium- Nagini was a Korean woman

scientists: -sweating- dinosaurs sounded like pussies!!

jk rowling: -yelling- DUMBLEDORE WAS A FUCKIN WEEB

@scribblefrog I read this to my partner and they said Ron - or at the least, /a/ Wesley, would be a weeb.

After a few minutes, they added, "Also, Draco."


I bet people click my last status just to see wtf the context is.

@softmetals you speak like someone who's never been chased by a an angry goose… or a pack of angry geese.

@softmetals research never suggested dinosaurs roared, the only thing that suggested taht was movies.

also trex was probably mostly scaley based on skin impressions we have

@softmetals if you want movie monsters watch a kaiju movie, im more than happy with learning about the actual animals that existed

@daylight @softmetals Yeah, I love the idea of a T. rex with vulture feather patterns, but that idea hasn't panned out in light of newer evidence. Oh well.

@gcupc @softmetals im open to some areas still being feathered but its not the full body aeroshell in the above illustration

@daylight @softmetals I heard the current theory is that T.Rex was basically a big plucked chicken, with largely non-scaley skin.

@softmetals didn't really know crocodiles growled. For some reason I didn't think that they made sounds. That's probably even more silly.

@ursamajor it makes sense but yeah i never really thought about it before. i’m sure we’ve heard it before watching jackass or something idk

@ursamajor @softmetals it's not that strange to me, what could they need to intimidate by growling?

@softmetals that reconstruction is ugly why did the article go with that....

@softmetals a gigantic furry goose carnivore sounds terrifying tbh, geese are mean

I can see a remix of the sound track to Jurrasic park...

The T-Rex come after the Jeep braaying and honking like a


Dinosaurs existed as they did, and reality doesn’t care about how cool you think things were. So…sorry?

I for one think floofballs are very cool and cute.

@softmetals at that size "honk like a dumptruck" might have been more accurate

@softmetals what in the FUCK are you talking about crocodile rumbles are cool as fuck

@softmetals I think the whole jurassic park series needs a new sync ...

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