boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

@softmetals yes, but only if they've made good friends with the crows first.

@softmetals As long as they agree to let me haunt them for it (I cannot abandon my culture for a reason as paltry as death), but they're goths so they're probably cool with it.

@softmetals my vessel also wishes they dance a lovely waltz upon it as well in intimate fashion; but only if they are female identified.

@softmetals you could go mary shelley on my grave and my ghost would applaud

@softmetals Why would they need my permission? I'll be too dead to care. Just pour out a shot of absinthe when you're done, because being a ghost is thirsty work.

@softmetals i intend to be buried at sea so i really cannot stop them or anyone


Pffft... like I could afford a grave...

They are free to dance through my ashes, though!

@softmetals awfully bold of you to assume there will be enough left of me to bury.

@softmetals what's even the point of dying if not to allow for that?

@softmetals I might do cremation tho so yes but also idk if that's actually viable

@softmetals My grave is going to have a tiny little dance floor on it.

I don't understand the approach for my dead body to be buried under ground, with a big stone above it...
So, after death my body should be processed in the following way: "...burn 'em to ashes, then burn the ashes"(c) 🙂

@softmetals Even if you wanted to, how would you stop them if you're dead?

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