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if the devil doesn’t sit still for this hair cut he’s gonna have hell toupèe

“tattoos” isn’t a personality

one of my housemates gets so worked up about Tekashi 69 and i get it i don’t like him either but also he also has this like, macho virtue signalling hate about him that kinda gets on my nerves? anyway Tekashi is really bad for rap culture idk how people don’t see it.

i like to think i have Great Taste in christmas music so here’s my christmas song of the day it’s real nice Show more

Kacey Musgraves best christmas album of all time

imagine being in your mid 20’s and getting mad at a video game lol

oh wow so maybe i was in knzk quarantine when i did this but i started a spotify playlist with all water themed songs for showering. half as a joke half cus i wanted to, but also to see if spotify would catch on and recommend more water themed songs for it. well, they’re starting to actually do it! i didn’t think they would tbh

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i haven't seen a "keep hydrated" post in days. you bastards. i'm parched

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Trying To Do Better And Failing But Still God Damn Trying energy

i don’t have smart speakers but using my phone to trigger spotify on my laptop to play it out of my bose speakers feels pretty cool and futuristic

lol i just realized when i woke up feeling too warm this morning i thought i was wearing a different sweater and took off a zip up hoody like a pullover

i just found out that nectarines are just smooth peaches and im super fucked up about it

i’m the only person who spends real time cleaning around the house and i can’t tell if my housemates are ignorant, ungrateful, or both.

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