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boost if you give goths permission to pose and take photos on your grave after you die

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Allergy Season 1989
I am gesundheit
410,757,864,530 USED TISSUES

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stop trying to make pickle rick happen, it’s not going to happen.

i got shot but i had a redbull in my pocket and it saved my life, redbull stopped me from getting wings :(

voted worst at small talk 27 consecutive years, 1991-2019

wearing an undertaker shirt and listening to darkthrone point me to the nearest hot topic

i’m gonna listen to darkthrone today i think

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if you havent listened to darkthrone maybe this screencap can convince you

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darkthrone writes kick ass riffs and they arent neo nazis so what more could you want really

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i’m so tired of like, everyone’s bullshit tbh

fuck off youtube i will never get youtube premium

i was so tired after death shift and i stayed up so late too?

it’s so late it’s early, i feel not great. goodnight.

maybe it’s just later than it feels cus i worked late. maybe it’s me. timeline feels weird.

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i got home 4 hours later than usual and i think my cat was panicking cus she ate all her dry food which is so out of character for her. we have a whole schedule based around my work shifts of when she gets treats, wet food and her litter box cleaned every day.

i’ve been listening to a music history podcast that’s based in canada so has a little bias. as a result i’ve been learning lots about The Tragically Hip and their lore and activism. ive always loved them but they’re creeping way up in my favorite bands now

just walking to work and moving around the bakery i walked 8km this shift

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