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the monster mash and ballroom blitz are different accounts of the same party

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if I was playing major league baseball i simply wouldnt strike out

Spotify had a big ass breach. This morning? Log in, force a log out of all locations, and reset your passwords.

At least 4,000 accounts affected with passwords exposed in plain text.

Boost for visibility.

AFI -Sing The Sorrow is peak emo in the best way

sometimes while i’m trying to fall asleep i play the old tetris theme in my head and slow it down a little bit every time it loops. it’s kind of like drifting off into a digital ocean

Trapped Under Ice is one of the hardest band names i can think of off the top of my head

If someone says to you “music made with guitars is dead”, they are probably sexist.

(This toot brought to you by: Thin Lips, Mitski, Speedy Ortiz, Camp Cope, Snail Mail, Adult Mom, Screaming Females, and way way way too many more to even list.)

oh it was “Sorry” by RHQ he says “throw that green like my middle names luigi”

there was a RHQ lyric that made me think of this years ago but i can’t remember it or what song it was

i wonder if Rich Homie Quan is still going in

guillotine jeff bezos (after my amazon order gets here tho)

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