*on tour with the person who predicted sikh male headwear*

here I am
on the road again
here I am
up on the stage
here I go
playin star again
there I go
turban sage

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@simmo this is by far my worst toot of all time

im gonna keep boostin this till someone likes it

really starting to gain some momentum here

@johnrandom @simmo it is still incredibly bad in the year 3024, can confirm

@simmo @simmo at the time? Yes. But turban sage has since upended conventional standards of taste

@simmo i have to say that the fact this went from thought to finish is a feat

@Ttle i started with the punchline and worked backwards

@simmo @Ttle love getting a "behind the scenes" of a classic toot

@simmo look while i like this, your version is not as hot as sage francis' cover. two and half blobdaps

@larrydavis @simmo I had blocked it from my memory. It stung more the second time. Weirdly, I like it.

@remulacfrommars @simmo there is no toot i hate more but i will continue boosting it until the day i die

@simmo I'm upset with myself for faving this back in the day. I boosted it now so the world can see my shame.

@simmo @remulacfrommars thank you for reminding me of this truly loll-able toot

@simmo Okay Matt, every time I start to read this I begin to the tune of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" but then I get to the end and it doesn't make sense. Then I remember its to the tune of the Bob Seger song "Turn the Page". I don't know where I was going with this.

@matt This is my fault, I can see that, but really I think I blame Bob Seger

@Ashen @simmo I thought the same thing but I didn’t know that the bob segar song existed

@simmo why is this on my tl again. who did i wrong


this is objectively the worst toot ever made

@hanny this is the post god damn it i will NOT boost it as long as i fucking live

@simmo fuck you matt. hey matt. hey, @matt this stupid fucking toot is so dumb and annoying and i'm sick of people talking abou tit


I'm going to write a 5000 word oral history of this toot

@laser anyone can do a bad toot, but can you do the *worst* toot

@spookydjinn @simmo it's so perfectly horrible in a self-contained way. this post is evergreen solely because of how much it sucks

@spookydjinn matt is a very nice person but if i got the chance to kill him, no strings attached? i would have to do it, if only as retribution for that post

@simmo every time Turban Sage pops up in my timeline I have to restart my phone 3 times and dunk it in salt.

@simmo i've seen this so many times and i've finally decided to boost it because i now realise just how virally unfunny it is

@lynnesbian hey thanks for reminding me of this great viral toot

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