The future you dream most probably will never become truw. Does this mean that we should stop dreaming ?

Vacations are ending very fast. 😔

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hey guys its my birthday and also christmas eve. spread the holiday joy by smashing that boost button

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Here's your yearly reminder that Christmas is actually Halloween because Dec 25 = Oct 31

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Please contribute to Mozilla Common Voice to establish a free alternative to Google's and Amazon's speech recognition!

Common Voice -

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What are the technical terms, in your field, for 'dunno'?
In astronomy there's 'unmodelled second order effects'
In medicine there's 'idoeopathic'
In archeology/anthropology there's 'ritual purposes'
How do you professionally term 'we haven't got a clue'?

Setting up my Mastadon account. 😍😍
Deactivating Facebook!🙂 is Fast and Stable instance.
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