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idk why dope is the only adjective i use to describe fallout 76 like i'm some dudebro

i also played fallout 76 today and it is dope, don't believe the haters

i also have a touch screen monitor now for some reason so faving posts or whatever the hell it's called on this site is easier fams

i have regained the ability to play video games somewhat

and now i have regained my mojo

if joker is joker in smash and has a persona is smash a metaverse

is it sakurai's metaverse

it's four am and time for a bonus lighting round and your meat gives you this face, wyd?

video game blood and gore, masturbation joke Show more

you ever think that maybe none of bethesda's games are good and it's just that todd howard keeps passing charisma checks on us

A mod for Left 4 Dead where instead of epinephrine it's an MP3 player playing the sound of a cat barfing in the other room

I am still here and doing okay by the way, in case anyone happened to be wondering

In my restless dreams...
I smell the barbecue.
I hear children.
A dog.
You promised me you'd take me there again someday.
But you never did.
I move by roaring engines, among warriors.

getting a witcher wolf medallion for christmas

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