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getting a witcher wolf medallion for christmas

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didn't expect to find this on spotify

where did all the music visualizers go

the fucking worst possible thing is when you're fried and just want to listen to some music and the music machine is broke

bout to fucking destroy realtek's asshole

somehow with all my mods my sims wound up with a trans landlord and that's dope

sims 4: now featuring extreme first person calling landlord about mice action

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sims 4 eye contact (it's good tho) Show more

fuck it i give up fuck the haters i'm gonna go play fallout 76 and have fucking fun

wow my sims 4 is out of date so i can't use sex mods.

well russian pirates to the rescue

i'd almost feel bad about cheating in blitzball except that the ai cheats even harder than i do.

swoleo the boner clown an original character and i will pursue legal action against unlawful use


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