honestly amazed at how much this webcam makes me feel cute. love it

snnnzzzzzzzzzzzz im so tired aaa

nsfw (?) 

legit freakin out that i somehow didnt get the sneaky patreon pics until i just read others didnt either PHEW

why my twitch crush only stream at 2:24 ante meridian

that was meant to say 'wayfarer'. 'babey' typo intentional tho

also the lewdposting is coming i promise

mental health 

i wanna write some music but i'm lsitening to this asmr video and its not over for another 20 mins

today was a 12 hour day somehow compressed into 8 hours.

im so drained now aaa

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maybe tomorrow’s goal should be to try and sneak in as many hamilton references as i can. pity i don’t actually know too many rofl

mental health 

thinking about going to work tomorrow and then also thinking about shooting myself into space with a massive rocket

seeing in my future a timeline full of bot posts


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