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flagging myself as a bot and just posting like normal, everyone clapping and cheering for me

nationalize large sporting events. tired of watching doodoo men play baby's ballgame to fundraise more money for rich pricks.
skelton pox has spoken.

i've decided i'm just going to turn into a cat. would have done it years ago if i knew it was this easy!

watching some shitty sci-fi movie and my brain catches on fire trying to quantify the raw metal needed to build a bunch of big ass space ships

admitting to a mistake then immediately saying "it happens to the best of us" without anyone else's input.

members of the #enbymafia can only die through a massive haert attack after eating a hearty Italian meal

i have over 300 proxies routed through KFC wifi in all continental states. el federales will never find me!

feel like yelling at and chasing my postal worker this week

sitting in my gooification vat, halfway done turning into a sentient pile of writhing slime. aaaaaahhh, this is the life.

going to e-date a girl i met on eve online, nothing bad could come of this

All men are the same. It’s actually just one person chopped up into 3.5 billion separate entities.

thinking about taking care of an f1 savannah cat and crying real hard

lasagna but pronounced like bologna

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