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*clutches chest*
Me, on a hill: dammit, this was not the hill I wanted to die on

*city puts up memorial to me on Bad Opinion Hill*

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They should call them “nutchuks” for how often I hit my nuts with these things

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When you roast someone’s taste in apples, that’s a Braeburn

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I write edgy jokes. They don’t make you laugh, but they get you real close

Call me what you will, but I think Bill&Ted 3 will be the greatest film of our lifetime

Guess who’s coaching little league baseball like a sucker?

We didn't take a fuckin pic!! have you millennials ever heard of just *experiencing* things! wtf

You, good at hot sex: biker jacket, baby
Me, silly person: maybe I'll just leave my socks on

What's up gamers? dirt here with a very special message: Show more

I love seeing peoples train selfies, but it makes me wonder why all the mbta's trains have to be so bleak and uninviting

what do you call an anti-social caterpillar? Show more

If anyone ever does really want to bait me, start loudly proclaiming which states make up "the Midwest" and also start saying the Midwest is bad

[Hastily shoving a map entitled "Which States I Think Are Midwest States" into a desk drawer]

It honestly rules how hissily defensive we all are of this platform most of us have been on for less than a year

Grimace is named after an expression. That’s beautiful

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