the mtg arena meta sucks ass cuz they're afraid to release good removal

blues how you gonna do me dirty like you did last night. i want a rematch of 1970

resisting the urge to turn my free company into an anarchist commune

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i hate this team they have such a good regular season and shit themselves when it's important. thanks bruins.

i should've gone into urban planning o^o

it's odd, cultural sites being damaged in the middle east and other conflict zones is seen as par for the course. how often does it happen in the west? i would guess more often than we know

amazing how everyone's talking about notre dame being on fire today, but nobody was talking about it yesterday. conspiracy much? 🤔

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would love to see a photo realistic version of Hungry Hungry Hippos

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white kpop stans always tweet something random like "damn my dog farted" and attach a 3 hour long video of junkook dancing

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