Boost if you would help me beat the shit out of a Nazi.

damn it only took 5 minutes for me to get 20 people to sign up to beat up a Nazi with me

@rebeccaheckyea No good in a fight, but I'd happily look out for the cops.

@rebeccaheckyea Don't punch a Nazi. Don't punch an alt-left person either, or your friends, or a racist, or your sister at Thanksgiving, or people you generally disagree with. Don't punch people, unless they commit violence against you. Even then, much as been accomplished by standing against violence with non-violence. It is not easy. It takes a lot of people to follow you. But non-violent revolutions historically have been worth it. ☮️ ❤️

@djsumdog Uhhhhhh, a Nazi killed 11 people in my community two weeks ago, I’m going to count that as “violence against me.”

@djsumdog Like an actual Nazi, who was on Gab and hung with other Nazis, walked into a synagogue and killed members of my community, as well as the president of my good friend’s shul. I sat beside them while my loved ones mourned, sleepless from grief and terror. You have a lot of gall to speak out of ignorance and tell me not to punch Nazis.

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