Its not that I like training, it's just that I when I'm training I lose track of time and work doesn't actively feel like its destroying me and I can think about something other than the 50 pet topics I will always focus on

and that's why I do this job


some of those topics:

-capitalism is destroying me
-we're not gonna fix climate change and everything's gonna be ruined by the time I'm 50
-We'd all be so much healthier if we lived more communally
-Why Are People In Tech Like This(TM)
-My life will be better if I spend my tax refund on [nonessential thing]
-Classic Rock as a radio format was a product of a racist society and still reinforces it
-the racism and homophobia behind the Death of Disco was horrifying and mostly unacknowledged

-god, I need therapy
-why is self-loathing the only form of self control that I know
-[song made after 1965] should be a jazz standard
-[non-shoegaze song] should have a shoegaze cover
-everyone on this site is so good and nice to me
-the 1975/steve hauschildt/blood orange/0PN/Acetone/Low/Yo La Tengo/ Angel Olsen have no right being as good as they are
-I didn't grow up in a cult, but I grew up in a cult-adjacent environment
-one wrong turn when I was 14 and I could have turned out alt right

@realmaxkeeble that "one wrong turn when i was 14" thing hits WAY too fucking close to home omg

@polymur for real! I was deep into atheists on youtube and everyone I grew up around was very conservative. In college I was familiar with the incel/forever alone stuff and alllllllmost checked it out. almost.

@realmaxkeeble tbh for me it was one single friend who led me away from that precipice because i was like...a brony with libertarian parents

@polymur thankfully, my parents are liberals who've already given money to kamala harris. while I broke with them politically eventually, their liberalism did prevent me from finding appeal in libertarian/alt right sectors

brief screenreader hell Show more

Thank you so much for the bullet about disco. I dont go by a week without thinking about that.

I hear people knee jerk about it all the time and it's all I can do not to burst out and call some stranger an indoctrinated bigot...

@MrJimmy I have gone on massive rants about this before: the death of disco was one of the most quietly earth shifting moments in 20th century history and a dark omen of the reagan/thatcher-led 80s that hung at the precipice

Wow, yes! Thank you for this, you've honestly made my day, Max.

@realmaxkeeble @MrJimmy have either of you read love saves the day, if not I would thoroughly recommend it

No I have not but I am book marking it now, thank you!

@MrJimmy @realmaxkeeble It's my absolute favourite book, it's quite heavily focused on david mancuso and deservedly so, he's such a hugely influential figure, this is a playlist I put together last year on his birthday

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