Hi, I’m a white college educated male, and I wanna say something controversial. The most vibrant genre of music out there right now? I think it’s rap. I know, wild, but those kids on the streets are doing something real. Now I’m not saying I’m a *hero* for expressing this, but, you know,

@realmaxkeeble *dusting off the elbow patches on my blazer* I used to view the use of sampling as lazy, but upon further examination it is clear to me and anyone who pauses in front of me at this wine dinner that the careful curation and use of sampling with the addition of original beats takes the same level of skill as arranging original music. Here's a photo of a vinyl press of a Luniz album I've never opened that is always perched atop my record player.


@ShartGarfunkel astute point! What really changed me was seeing this vox video on the little known, under-respected hip hop legend called James Dewitt "J Dilla" Yancey. It taught me that rap music from 15 years ago is vital and exciting and at the forefront of something NEW

@realmaxkeeble I am so pleased that others are starting to catch on to the importance and value of these "old school" artists! I was reading a New Yorker article about the climate surrounding the release of "Fuck tha Police" and now I truly can't go 11 seconds without telling everyone in my start up about it on our company's Slack.

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