mastodon proves that "not furry, but furry adjacent" is a distinct identity

This post keeps cycling back and getting boots again every day or so...I’m glad a lot of people can relate

@laser in 6 months everyone on this site will have a fursona, mark my words

will these people consider themselves furries? not necessarily, in the same way that asking for your cards to be read doesn't make you into tarot

@realmaxkeeble @laser I know what this post says but on readthrough #2 I definitely read 'make you into tarot' in a way that suggests someone was worrying that getting their cards read would trap them in a tarot card

@Aleums @byttyrs @laser I'm not a tarot card

I'm the jack of spades, motherfucker

@realmaxkeeble @laser Queen of Wands, apparently, that's what I am in most of my friends' readings. I also heavily identify with the High Priestess

@byttyrs @realmaxkeeble @laser everyone should have a cardsona, I'm the Queen of Pentacles for sure

@Louisa @realmaxkeeble @laser hell yeah!!! I've shown up in my own readings under that heading too ^w^

@Louisa @realmaxkeeble @laser SDFDSD whenever I do readings and the Moon shows up, I always tell the querent "the Moon means very different things depending on your relationship to the occult, broadly speaking"

like the Moon is traditionally held to be a kind of bad/scary card, but if you (a diviner doing divination) are reading it for yourself? I wouldn't jump to reading it as bad or scary before better readings. you ARE the irrational powers at work

@byttyrs it's such a good card for dreams stuff! I'm a bigtime dream rememberer

Not really. I just liked this one goat and identified with her. She has anxiety and she calms down when she wears costumes. I keep her as an Avi for consistency so people know it's me after my third account lol.

Google polly the goat if you want your heart to melt

@realmaxkeeble max please... you're accelerating my path towards having a fursona

@bryn not😏that😏ive😏thought😏about😏it😏

@realmaxkeeble @laser I just want cool drawings like everybody has because I have to feel included.

@realmaxkeeble i refound this post looking for something else so i'm gonna keep tabs on it until 18th may now

@realmaxkeeble it has now been proven that at this point you were projecting

@realmaxkeeble @laser this some ancient greek level self-fulfilling prophecy shit I tell you wut

@realmaxkeeble see, i considered myself to be furry adjacent (i like furry art and monsters and stuff but don't consider myself to have a distinct furry identity). but people were like "stop being in denial you're a furry", so yeah, I'm a furry, i don't care if you call me that or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

@Ace that this post keeps resurfacing and getting boosts means it’s possibly more valid than anything else I’ve ever posted

@realmaxkeeble next up: getting you a ref for that cute badger!!!

@realmaxkeeble @relsqui I’ve been a werewolf fan for 30 years and I’ve never felt so Seen as I did while reading this toot

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