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2019 is the year of making it all up but knowing it's secretly been true all along

back on my most persistent bit:

Sportstar by (Sandy) Alex G is a Reggaeton song

Falling in line with the thought that cheap fast food is for us Poors is internalized bougie oppression! Excessively processed and unhealthy foods are the Elite's way of keeping us down in a country where our health is the decision between death by poverty or death by deteriorating health! Shun the McDonald's and start a community garden! Plant a garden illegally if you must! Radicalize yourself against what you've been taught to believe!!

drinking cheap store brand sparkling water instead of soda is an anticapitalist move. Consumption of traditionally bougie things like fine art and brunch and sparkling water as a proletarian is reclamation and denial of the bougie concept that the proletariat are "uncultured" or lesser. Rise up and reclaim the finer things for the people

‪Regular unleaded coffee wasn't working for me; I had to switch to 91 octane‬

this is deep house (from the dude who singlehandedly invented the subgenre), but like St. Germain before it, its deep house that's gotten its life together and has a 401k

[when nobody's faved anything in 15 minutes]
fuck...ive been cancelled

@realmaxkeeble I just watched several Zé Carioca shorts, and why didn't you tell me he was a powerful bisexual magician

Whenever I look at my avatar or at any other picture of Jose Carioca I cant help but smile

11. my favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty, but the most underrated Disney movie is the Three Caballeros

sweet max ... max keeble ... real max keeble ... 🤔🤔🤔

[when nobody's faved anything in 15 minutes]
fuck...ive been cancelled

Boost to bring awareness to one of knzk's graduates, Seagazelle! Living on her own instance, @gazelle

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It's pitch black outside and I just said good morning to the bus driver

knzk was restored by the tireless awareness campaign spearheaded by fans of the nbc show chuck, who were for some reason asking knzk for a 6th season of the show

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