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Hello all!

Over the past couple days I’ve been having a bunch of Gender Thoughts™. These have been bubbling under the surface now for a couple of years, but they’ve gradually gotten harder to ignore

But basically, as of right now, I’m not sure what the hell I am, gender wise

I’ve got a direction I’m leaning, but at the end of the day I’m not sure

Mastodon seems like a safe and healthy place to be unsure about this stuff

For now, any pronouns are fine.

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it's hard to underestimate just how much I went to disney as a kid

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Earnest #introduction : 

this post is for @kasia . it contains a massive outpouring of love and support ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

smash mouth and stereolab are the same band

prove me wrong, motherfuckers

@realmaxkeeble @yardgnome just stopping by to say fuck off get free was a very good album that's all

One of my favorite album names of all time is "Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night" by Stereolab

Also its a damn good album. its like if prog rock was good. def. not a good first stereolab album to hear though

bigotry doesn't make sense because it has never had to make sense. the point of bigotry is carry out and perpetuate violence to maintain the privilege of those in power. whether or not it is rational is of no importance

I think about this graph that shows that Cuba is the only country in the world with a high development index that's developed sustainably... all the time

Drake makes music for the Two Cishet Male Moods:

1. I Can Fuck
2. Why Won't Anyone Fuck

Admin Announcement; Cryptids Applications 

knzk was great. but we can, and will, rebuild

archives can be downloaded. accounts can be refollowed. but we all need to pitch in

if you know someone who had a knzk account and no longer does, make sure they download their archive.

in fact, now is a great time to download every archive you have

from the desk of max keeble:

in the wake of knzk's closure, my second main account will be here on

I will still maintain my other main at @realmaxkeeble

long live knzk

i unironically believe this because of how they've been weaponized to enforce property laws for the most part in the same way as cops

doral is a very culturally venezuelan part of miami dade county, flush with the money of rich white venezuelans who fled Chavez. good food, but I avoid it like the plague

guarantee a house to every person who needs one much the same way we guarantee public schooling to every person, rich or poor. you wanna fend off climate change as much as possible? get people to work on it.

would this still be a band aid? Yes. would actual revolution be eternally preferable. yes. but we need the band aid.

but guess what, that band aid helped a lot of people and people need that help now. we can improve on the errors of the past.

you want everyone to have a job? than guarantee everyone who can work a job. everyone. there's plenty of work to do. let people vote on who their bosses are so they get a share of management, too.

yes, the new deal blatantly favored whites to appease the racists who controlled basically the entire country then much as they do now.

yes, the new deal included little actual education to intentionally protect people who already had good jobs, making a permanent WPA underclass.

yes, the new deal was a massive, imperfect band aid on a broken system.

since all of that my politics have turned much more sharply left and I recognize many of the massive problems in the new deal, namely the band-aid nature of it:

how its philosophy of "the economy is good when it is growing above replacement rate" is blatantly unsustainable and leads to cycles of bigger slump, bigger war, and a shallower recovery, to quote stereolab.

before 10th grade I loved politics in a very sports race-y way and while I had fairly baked-in social liberalism (being a closeted queer kid raised by liberals in a very conservative town will do that to ya), learning about the new deal flipped something economically in my head. it made it real.

it showed that we HAD done stuff to help people before, with a more nobel goal, and, hey, some of it worked!

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