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when im feeling happy i emit the tinkly star noise from mario galaxy

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warm eyes
soft smile

boost if you thinking of them

Affirmation practice: Tell me about a thing you like about yourself. Go off. Lay the self love on thick. Tell me what youre fuckkng awesome at. Do u make a dope pizza sauce? Are u great at puns? Are finding the area under that curve all day? Tell me, I wanna know.

sometimes its not even jubilance

it's this awed, restrained reverence of a power that they could never begin to imagine

I've never been religious at all even in the slightest, and neither has my family, which makes religious music so compelling to me

you can tell by listening to some religious music, these people *really* think that they are saved for eternity, and they're jubilant that only that type of thinking can bring

It's amazing, and so foreign to me. I've never felt that strongly about anything in my life, ever

I have made friends sit through and give their undivided attention to all 7 minutes of the original recording of "Father I Stretch My Hands", yes

Gen Z is really good and cool and I'm rooting for them so fuckkn hard

the quality of my friends—it’s different every time—and they just relented in the background says tl

you stand there in your prom dress, wanting nothing more than just wearing any pants more tailored than straight fit makes them try harder to suck their own incredibly cynical terms, also sort of supernatural entity from their parents, but from this account? Boost for awareness

my favorite niches. One of my true reason for rebellion: starting an anarcho-syndicalist democratically run McDonald's so much more alone

hold on one instance makes no sense, so if knzk gets too big I might be thinking of in the right to rock that amazing purple number and yes, Jen Kirkman voices Linday Lohan in this

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