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it's hard to underestimate just how much I went to disney as a kid

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the phrase "made from scratch" has been made entirely meaningless from marketing and lack of regulation over what that phrase means, much like "natural" is meaningless

Parks and Recreation and Trailer Park Boys are in essence more or less the same show, just from different perspectives

Broke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it's funny
Woke: Parks and Recreation is a tragedy because of Leslie Knope's sisyphean struggles to make change within a community mired by apathy
Bespoke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it demonstrates the absurdity of neoliberalism and the comic frustrations of its proponents when their ideology inevitably fails to connect with the working class

gonna make a store that only sells women's clothing from shakespeare's time; gonna call it Dress Bard

This is just to say

I have donated
to the SocDem
who is running
for President

and whom
you were probably
as a liberal

Forgive me
it is electoralism
but he is so sweet
and so old

that band, by the way, is Khruangbin. I always mentally pronounced the name as Cur-RANG-bin, and they pronounced it as CRONG-bin. I even got the number of syllables wrong

one of the bands I saw live said their name out loud on stage and apparently its pronounced way different than I always pronounced it in my head and i'm still messed up

still thinking about this thread a lot. @dankwraith , I kinda wanna get your input on this as someone who grew up in a different institution but one that was all encompassing as the walt disney corporation is--the evangelical church

Coochie Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Coochie [18:24]

Fun fact: Ina Garten's frequently referred to but rarely seen husband Jeffrey on the Barefoot Contessa is actually legendary ambient/drone musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

live streaming me reading all of Susan Sontag's "Notes On 'Camp'"

plus the opening speech from trans activist Janet Mock is so good:

"So, like, my favorite images are the ones where someone who isn't supposed to be there who's like in a space, a space where we were not ever welcomed in, where we were not invited. Yet we walk in and we show all the way up. People try to put us down by saying "She's doing the most," or "He's way too much.""
But, like, why would we want to do the least?"

that resolution to the IV and then I is so much better because of all the tension Dev Hynes builds through that weird ass Cb Maj 7, AND it's paired with the cheesy soprano sax. I love it

also this song is very interesting from a composition standpoint, opening its chord progression with a B Maj7 (technically Cb Maj 7) instead of Eb, which the rest of the piece is written in. See attached image

@realmaxkeeble Max Keeble from the 2001 Disney film Max Keeble's Big Move... welcome to #TheResistance

fuck I love this song so so much. Amazing melancholic melody, and a great example of how a song can use "cheesy" smooth jazz influences in an emotionally affecting way

also that second part seemingly written as Blonde by Frank Ocean fanfiction is amazing

gonna get back at all those conservatives by exclusively calling it "Faux News"

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