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i'm a crusty little fucker. i'm a nastly little shit. and i. am. valid.

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coochie elf implies the existence of a coochie orc, twisted and fouled by Melkor's dark magicks

@bryn imagine not having a crush on bryn lmao couldn't be me

its called a crush cos you want them to crush your head between their thighs

very excited to go on here January 1st and post "wow i haven't been on mastodon since last year heh heh"

shoving a lil fried pie into my coat pocket

Drinks at the Mastopub (some gross) Show more

the last word-book i read was the novelization of Megamind

Here's a MAJOR fuck you to that damn colossal ass, mud bug ass, pussy tooth ass cockaroach that was laid up on my big toe!!!

hiring assassins, forging legal documents, and making complex political manuevers so that I am crowned burger king

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