ok i should get back to my animalposting roots

gimme a random country or environment and i'll find a cool critter that lives there to post some nice pics and facts of


@knownrobes fuck yes babey its salt marsh harvest mouse time
these lil bebs are very special to me because they live in my backyard & they're super endangered
they're endemic to the SF bay salt marshes & are adapted to high saline levels--they can basically drink saltwater to survive if no fresh can be found. they're also good swimmers!
vp mike pence, a known piece of shit, hates these mice in addition to hating lgbtq+ folks, & thinks we spend too much $ on them, to which i say FUCK YOU MIKE

@photophoregirl oh my good god!! why you so salty mike you horrid prick?? let it be known that I will ride out for a SALT MARSH HARVEST MOUSE

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