Skyrim is great because it demonstrates that when people no longer have to worry about their basic needs, they inevitably wind up doing one of two things:

1) adopting a dog, marrying a hot non-human, and building a house by a lake to grow old in
2) invent weird long-term games to keep themselves amused, like trying to steal every cabbage in every town

my mom is relatively ambivalent about many Popular Millenial Bands that i enjoy but she fuckin. loves Fall Out Boy and i think that's cute and nice

update: holy jeez
so many of you donated i could cry rn. i have like triple the amount i needed now. this is enough for spares and more. thank you all so fuckin much, every single last one of you who boosted this or sent me anything, i can't express how much this means
you're all angels

researchers release new evidence supporting existence of "catte"

i tried taking a pic but my dog pulled on her leash

birdsite screenshot Show more

Let Lego, a trained therapist, relieve you of your burdens (dog, ec)

the good thing about being stuck inside is that i can sit with my dog and watch soap-making videos for 3 hours and no one can stop me

This walrus has lived in my brain since scanning this book four years ago and I'm unleashing him upon the fediverse

Minor improvements in my STL unfolding code resulted in something that appears to be a Stanford Bunny.

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