educating the fine folks of limsa lominsa about the four software freedoms

Today I found out about David Moore's mycology website, which not only has a lot of neat information about fungi, but also "the most complete and fully illustrated online catalogue of stamps and postal labels featuring fungi"!

I legitimately love this.

Don't often get to see this: a toaster approaching telophase in its mitotic process, about to pinch off its cell membrane. Nature is truly amazing

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Mamadou Ba has long been known for his tireless struggle against racism, inequality and all forms of discrimination in Portugal.
His involvement and integrity in these struggles mean he has become nationally and internationally recognisable as one of the most prominent and consistent faces of the black movement in Portugal.

the perfect game developer conference would be one where we just share knowledge about the craft of making games, things like storytelling and technical elements and solving design problems and big tech corps arent invited and nobody talks about monetization or gimmick hardware or any of that boring crap

Ebooks bots are a synthesis of technology and performance art and we should cherish and support our artists. If youโ€™ve ever chuckled at a bot or if you just want to support a technological artist, please consider supporting Lynne via Patreon!

Not every day you get to call David Frum a war criminal when talking about a video game, but here we are.

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