shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among an endless infinite abyss where all the light you see if from stars long dead and it's cold and you've lost your orientation and time starts to lose its meaning and you're just floating floating forever in an empty universe entirely apathetic to your existence

@pbandkate that's what you get for trying to kill the moon, she strikes back HARD

i think my spaceship knows which way to go, THANKS

@larrydavis look larry if you get lost in space don’t call me asking for directions because i will NOT answer

@frater_gorgias physically, yes; existentially, no not even a little

@healyn hey healyn, unrelated, but uh you doin okay bud?

@pbandkate hey kate, i'm doing fine--it's just the thought of the floating in emptiness freaks me out way more than the thought of death, even though death also freaks me out

@healyn that's valid as hell my friend, valid as hell

@socialskeleton knzk sun with rad town rising and cryptid moon

@pbandkate we are nobody's sun because we do not accept the sun's existence in our canons

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