no one is actually chaotic neutral irl

@bryceyoungquist @pbandkate according to my friends the joker is actually an elder chaos god embodied within a humanoid form specifically to oppose batman's good-doing, so I think he counts as chaotic evil

@pbandkate counterpoint: deep down everyone is chaotic neutral

@picklemaddierix chaotic neutral is the repressed id, is maybe a take i can get behind

@pbandkate What if you smash a window with a gumball machine and give the proprietor enough money to cover the damage?

@NeoAJ i think that people do chaotic neutral acts irl, but i don't think any real actual human being has ever been fully chaotic neutral

@pbandkate i feel like i was betweenthe ages of 19-25. made a lot of out of character choices

@pbandkate I can't say I'm doing my best nor do I have bad intentions & it always turns out the most chaotic way possible, what u gonna call that

@anarchiv a good person trying to survive, aka neutral good

@pbandkate if you knew me in person, you'd be so much judgier

@johnrandom i think a lot of people who call themselves chaotic neutral are actually neutral good but want to seem cool

@johnrandom in fact i think the vast vast vast majority of actual real people are neutral good

@pbandkate @johnrandom I crave structure but I also want to burn it all down

@pbandkate @johnrandom

you ever have one of those friends who can't wait for three damn minutes for the server to come back to your table, so they just walk into the kitchen to manually obtain a fresh basket of chips and salsa?

but then when it's time to tip, they still leave a normal amount of cash because in their mind that was a wholly normal restaurant experience?

that person is chaotic neutral.

@jackdaw_ruiz @johnrandom i have literally never met a real person like this, no

@aflightybroad @pbandkate @johnrandom

hmmmmm. let's set one of those traps with a box propped up by a stick with a string to catch a chaotic neutral person.

what can we use as bait. 🤔

@pbandkate I think most people are Neutral Neutral; being properly "good" takes a lot of effort and selflessness. There are definitely plenty of LNs out there, tho I think most people would agree that laws can be unjust and aren't the be-all-end-all -- they just usually don't put it together that the *current* laws might be unjust. CN is pretty rare tho, definitely.

@jacethechicken this is a good and measured take, thank you jacie

@pbandkate I'd like to call myself chaotic good -- I do not at all believe in rules having an inherent value; I generally think rules should have a purpose behind them, and have no problem breaking rules I think are bad -- but I feel like in other people's eyes I could be chaotic neutral.

d&d alignments are inherently subjective.

@jacethechicken yeah, i think like, my bigger point is that the way you see yourself is usually very different from how you're actually perceived

@pbandkate yeah for sure, in *reality* I'm probably just NG (I'd like to hope I'm not NN :/) but I see myself as CG. I think being a NG who thinks they're CG or a NN who thinks they're CN is pretty common -- chaos is a cool aesthetic, but very few of us are willing to commit to it

@pbandkate that's why I think there's a lot more LNs than CNs -- strictly following the law isn't hard, but breaking it usually is

@pbandkate The law-chaos axis is unstable and anybody put on there will fly off in a matter of seconds.

A polite-rude axis may be a reasonable substitute tho.

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