i feel like everyone here has their own personal code for what they will and won't post or boost in regards to content warnings and it think that's good and valid and also really interesting and basically what im saying is i wanna see everyone else's tooting style guide

@kelbesque @pbandkate @gdkar There is no reason this should make me as mad as it does.

@kelbesque @vector @pbandkate 🎶 just like rain, all will fade.... in time~ 🎶

um. wait. what were we talking about?

@pbandkate i'm chicago manual but i know a lot of people on here are ala

@pbandkate i dont boost content that includes intense ideation, pictures of or descriptions of food, gore - real or fake, nudity, or eye contact - as a general rule. outside of that i sort of have an internal "this is too much" sense in regards to other people's horror posts.

usually people are good about CWs for most of that stuff though for some reason shitposters are really bad about the 'food' one and i have to not boost a lot of stuff because of it.

@Zoe yeah food is a funny one for me and actually is what prompted this post, because despite what it may seem i have very specific reasons for what i do and don't cw. like, if i'm talking about *eating*, i CW it, but if i'm just mentioning the name of a type of food i dont, because i figure if someone has a specific food trigger of just hearing about that kind of food, that's something that can be muted pretty easily 🤷

@pbandkate i'm curious as to how my tooting style comes off honestly. i'm thinking "feral ADD teen"

@kew @pbandkate i've asked people to describe my style like a dozen times but i have trouble understanding them when they are all screaming at once as i bury them alive.

@Zoe @pbandkate Zoe nothing embodies your tooting style more than this toot right here

I always boost selfies of women and enbies, even if it is super lewd. My only rule is that I often wont boost selfies if there is weird editing (like lines over faces), I figure anyone doing that is prioritizing privacy.

After that it is really a question of “do I think people should see more of this kind of thing?”

I personally find boosting trans women selfies important because seeing them has vastly improved my visual diet and self-image. Our images need more normalization.

Fuck yes, and fat people too. And people with small breasts damn it

@freyja_wildes @pbandkate
Yeah. I do that too. People seem to forget that body positivity is about marginalized bodies.

@pbandkate I will boost pretty much anything Cwed, reply or fav unCWed things (sometimes I remember to add a CW, but I'm not great at it and have to hope since people will only see it if they were following someone who would post it unCWed it's fine), will post just about whatever but I will delete and add a CW if I forget and notice

@pbandkate I'm a maximalist. If I've seen it content warned before, I try to content warn it myself. I don't always remember, but I do make the effort to adapt.

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@pbandkate generally?
- fave stuff i appreciated or want to find later
- boost stuff i think people should see
- post whatever comes to mind as noteworthy

aside from that, like... i mute lewd stuff and electoral politics bc i don't want to see it. i also mute aggressive people. i tend to consider other people's sensitivities when boosting un-CW'd stuff.

that covers 99% of my account i guess

@pbandkate most of the time i wont boost without a cw just because. but usually defaulting to not boosting anything with ppl or gifs that arent tagged b/c i tag my stuff for that and i feel like it would be unfair to ppl following me if i boosted things that werent in line with that.

@root yeah i feel like the biggest trend I’m seeing is that people only boost stuff that fits the parameters of what they’d post themselves

@pbandkate hmmmm i have been debating this with myself a lot recently!!!

a lot of the shitposts that i love have a raw horrific un-CWed power that i wanna boost, but is it worth upsetting my mufos???? probably not!!

for my own posts i try to use common sense, and like having had an ED and addictions and shit I know how important it can be to CW even small things, but it's a lot harder to curate other people's content,, idk

@pbandkate tl;dr my tooting guidelines are pretty much "overthink the hell out of it, then get frustrated and fling toots out haphazardly into the ether"

@scribblefrog yeah i mean i think the bigger point of this post is to highlight that like... i think it's ok that we all have our own styles and codes we follow, and i actually *don't* think it's everyone's responsibility to necessarily curate their own posting to everyone else's needs — that's what mutes and filters are for. like i think it's good that we have a general community culture, but i think it's okay that we all handle things a little differently based on our own sensibilities!

@scribblefrog @pbandkate my style guide is super strict but basically boils down to if it's not something I would toot, I won't boost it. So images, user names and emojis have to be screen reader friendly, CWs CWed appropriately, and no unoriginal/stolen content

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@pbandkate i think i CW my stuff really carefully and only boost well CWed stuff too. i also try to boost only captioned pics. i reply to un-CWed posts though and only CW if i'm replying with something that needs one

@pbandkate the thing I struggle with is replying in threads that don't have CWs, because it'll show up on my feed, but if I add a cw, there's an implicit "you should have tagged this" that I'm not comfortable with

@lemoncarrots ugh yeah, i'll a lot of times add them, esp if i'm like, talking more in depth (ie, someone mentions a food in a shitpost and i want to talk about that food in more detail, i'll add one) but yeah i never want it to come across as like, tsk tsk, which it sort of inevitably does

@pbandkate I try to CW liberally (lol) but for some reason I have a hard time with it if all I'm doing is mentioning a food item

I also don't like to boost if I think a post should have a CW and/or if there's an image with no description

@pbandkate i never boost selfies without CWs
i don't generally CW jokes unless they're either
a) really gross (but i don't post many like that)
b) potentially not obvious that it's a joke, and i don't want replies that think i'm serious

i tend to CW stuff as "long" if it's over 1k characters but i occasionally forget to

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My guide is, stars for all cat pix;
stars or stars + retooting for people’s art;
stars + retooting for all toots I like enough to save.

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