@pbandkate doesn't have a seat belt buckle, not as emo as it could be


three rows for boys, two for girls, and you had to go to a special store to buy them

@pbandkate I had a bright green pyramid stud belt that I loved very very much

@pbandkate @nuttgodd

i should take a picture wearing my 12yo one. i think it's only missing a stud or two even

@pbandkate The aisle at the Hot Topic next to the Korn and Slipknot t-shirts.

@pbandkate hmmmmm. i will accept this drag as mine was in fact rainbow coloured

@scribblefrog @pbandkate i bet safety pins featured prominently in your wardrobe as well

@Red @pbandkate nah. i was the weird quiet nerd kid who hung out with some emos. an aspiremo, if you will

@scribblefrog @pbandkate oh cool me too. I had a pair of hand me down trip pants that wouldn't stay up but did that stop me???

@Red @pbandkate are they the ones that look like an octopus shagged a pair of khakis

@scribblefrog @Red i barely understand this sentence but i fucking love it

@scribblefrog @Red oh wow ok that's yup that was the perfect description

@pbandkate @scribblefrog yup mine were navy blue with a yellow draw string but the draw string snapped so i joust wrapped it around my waist super tight and... You know I'm starting to realise why the goth girls didn't like me

@Red @pbandkate !!!!!! you were the macgyver of emos, them girls didn't know what they were missing

Embarrassing story re: tripp pants Show more

Embarrassing story re: tripp pants Show more

Embarrassing story re: tripp pants Show more

@scribblefrog @Red you are both brave and remarkable humans, i commend you greatly

@scribblefrog @pbandkate @Red brb drawing one of my characters in these the second I get home

@pbandkate I had a white one with a Famous Stars and Straps buckle 😂

@pbandkate I’m pretty sure every single person I kissed between 2004 and 2005 wore one of these

@pbandkate omg I totally had one. can just about see it in this fucking old photo

@PublicChaffinch @pbandkate I had a white one, and also a black one but the studs were stars on that one

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