wouldn't cumming in a harmonica just make it really hard to play?

@pbandkate please tell me nutt did not do this in the one hour i was away

@Zoe i dont think so but now that you've said it i think it's about to be willed into existence

@Zoe @pbandkate #nutttour this is the post that inspired it yall. when we look back we'll laugh

@nuttgodd @Zoe @pbandkate

hm. would've had to miss this gem without claire. thanks claire.

@root @Zoe @pbandkate the only reason i havent done it yet is because i dont own a harmonica

@nuttgodd @Zoe @pbandkate

huh yeahh good thing u don't live down here i don't think u can go down the street without running into a harmonica vendor, probably.

Taking the cum harmonica to its logical conclusion. 

Cum seems like it'd be a nightmare to clean out of the reed plates later

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