why is someone on the sidewalk blasting the macarena so loudly that i can hear it six floors up

like it literally sounds like someone is holding a speaker up to my ear what is happening am i finally having auditory hallucinations is it finally happening

@pbandkate dont fucking kink shame me for trying to seduce you with my boombox.

@Zoe oh my god please seduce me with a boombox playing the macarena

@pbandkate i would not only do this - i'd do this wearing john cusack's face and trenchcoat from that movie where he stands in a park or whatever.

@pbandkate *peeling john cusack's face off* i can also neg you about your musical tastes like that other cusack movie *low sultry voice*

@realtoddhoward the macarena but it's a horror movie where the song follows you until you do the fucking macarena already

@pbandkate the last thing you hear before you are consumed by the urge, succumbing to it is a faint "aaaaaAAAAYYYYYYYY"

Idk but it sounds like a perfect time to do some experimenting with gravity to me. 🤷‍♀️


Sound bounces in constructive interference up and inside of buildings

There are areas of rooms where there is more constructive interference with the sound waves

There are also areas of destructive interference

If you want, try moving around and seeing if the amplification changes

If not, its probably a really high powered speaker because air acts as a compressor and sounding distant is just a combination of convolutions of delays

@Food hm this was really more of an existential why than like a physics why but thank you nonetheless!


Lol @ me! !!

Existentially there are drummers and we can choose to march to our own tunes even if there isnt inherent meaning, we can face the nausea with passion of 'I exist, and I'm making this meaning here'

Ahhh existentialism

@pbandkate uh it’s a banger you can’t play it quiet

@maxmustermann literally get the fuck outta my menchies you 8-follower pleroma ableist dipshit

@pbandkate @maxmustermann he lost all of his followers in a pleroma conversion accident, please be generous.
@moonman @pbandkate @maxmustermann
Same here. Now I have 7 as of my first post after Pleroma got installed.

@moonman @maxmustermann hmm, no, actually i have decided that i will not be generous to someone coming into my mentions to spew hateful bullshit

@pbandkate @moonman utter nonsense is hate. Also the Aliens in my basement are celebrating Hitlers's Birthday right now.
@pbandkate @moonman
Bad news, everyone! Hate has been rebranded to twix recently. All hate groups have become one big joke as a result of this.
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