i just really love my cat so much yall i legit don’t know what i did to deserve such a snuggly perfect angel i just love her so much 😭

@pbandkate "Tabby Kitty is Best Kitty😻😻😻😻😻" crew checking in.

@VyrCossont @pbandkate Bagel looks, by my estimate, to have at least...... 23x (ish) as much fur as my raggedy, scrappy little Kumquat. So soft <3

@ecsaln @pbandkate yeah she's a deceptively fuzzy one! extremely soft, sheds _constantly_, always wondered if she has some cold-weather-kitty genes switched on

@VyrCossont @pbandkate I am definitely not deceived. Those whisker-base-fluffy-AF bits give it away. 11/10; would pat-base-of-tail heartily.

@ecsaln @pbandkate meanwhile i'm here unable to get over Kumquat's cutest lil collar ever

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