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how i feel when someone who doesn't follow me tries to comment on my lewd pics

this will be the year i write my own pattern

the project may be bad for our lungs and the community, but i think i need to get hornt on this day.

me: i should sleep early tonight
*three hours and 57 ravelry tabs later*

I Am Intimidated By Pretty Girls, A Memoir

in case you had any respect for me: here's a screenshot of me beating mirror mode in double dash for the first time at 9:54PM on new year's eve

@pbandkate “don’t worry i won’t assault you *winks*” jfc

cool leaving the bay forever where should i live instead

two episodes in and people are already dumping full bottles of alcohol on each other’s heads; now that’s good reality tv

i think i'm slowly going to move from knzk to cryptids

so follow @muppetbutler if you want to :blobwizard:

Subtooting at ppl who should be sleeping right now

s2g im gonna use this as an album cover some day (its me and my sister)

lol at twitter calling itself a social "network"

it's only got one instance

reverse marie kondo (bringing things that spark joy into my life)

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