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Any of the Japanese people on here got some group chats i can get in on

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Eem on the website full of horny psycho communists the main type of replies i get are 36 year old khaki shorts white guys saying "Wow.. I hope this is a joke"

Thumbs up if u understand why Obama president

I'm not afraid of prison because society is the bigg3st jail there ever was..

I love taking the bus to specific medium sized cities in the midwest and coming back with 10,000 dollars

Some yall need to grow up and do a few years in federal prison

Bitch i Walk around with the 100 round drum in my pants look like i got a tiny ass dick and one huge nut

White people love joking about not liking white people but I really dont like white people. Not just as a group either. If you reading this and you white I don't like you as a person.

I am not complicit in any illegal activity

@obama know the account is satire, but still going to say explicitly.

Please do vote, even if the difference is marginal and/or just slowing down developments.

Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body this weekend Hell no im not registered to vote

Dont come to knzk stay on yall lil instances where you do yall lil weird shit

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